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Friday, October 26, 2012

It is the end of half term.  It has been so damp this week.  I've got two loads of washing out on the line and the sheets are drying as there is a little bit of a breeze.  Even the towels are looking promising. The weather forecast says it will be dry tomorrow too so there will be another two loads out on the line.  We still haven't had any heat on in the house so the washing just will not dry inside.

Tonight, we are going out gallivanting.  It is my son-in-law's birthday and as he is moving into a new decade, they are putting on a party.  There will be about 60 people there and I won't know about three quarters of them.  I'm not a big party person and my husband is even less so.  There is bound to be somebody I can hide in the corner and chat to.

My husband is down at the allotment.  He popped home for lunch and apparently the slugs have been having a free lunch off plants that we thought could sit in the ground and wait a bit before harvesting.  Grrr. The leeks are doing quite well and I love leeks so I foresee a leek-ful winter.  Soup, stir fries, just as a veg, tucked into all sorts of dishes.  Yum!

The hens are still producing some eggs.  One pair (Warrens) has given up for the winter but surprisingly, the two Bluebelles who are the oldest hens by far, are still laying about 5 eggs a week between them.  The youngest ones (Warrens again) are still laying 5-7 eggs a day from 7 of them.  They are scruffy looking urchins, that group, but seem happy enough or they would not be laying so many.  The trio who came from school, are laying 1-2 eggs a day with the occasional 3.  There are still enough eggs to keep all my customers happy.

I'm off to do a little bit of ironing and then I'll go out and give my hens a bit of corn.  A little reward for laying such nice eggs for me.

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