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Monday, May 21, 2012

We went to do the shopping on Saturday at Aldi and Sainsburys.  They are close together so it does not cost extra in petrol to do both.  Just a couple of shops up from Aldi is Halfords and my husband needed some car paint.  Having got that, I wanted to look next door in Wilkinsons in case they had an offer on certain things.  They didn't but they had reduced some of their catfood to half price to clear the shelves to make way for some new stock or so the shop assistant told me.  Being a helpful kind of person, I helped them clear the shelves and came home with a big smile on my face : )

I hadn't seen the school chicks for 3 days since Friday morning. Boy, have they grown over the weekend!  They can jump on to things and their wing feathers have grown lots and their tail feathers are beginning to grow.  And they are so much taller and fatter.  And in just 3 days.  The rate of growth is phenomenal. 

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