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Sunday, May 13, 2012

We've got 5 chicks hatched.  I've got them home with me for the weekend and three of the chicks have hatched since we brought them home.  I managed to watch two of them hatch : )  I've spent so much time just chick watching.  The bigger ones are popping out from under the brooder (Brinsea ecoglow) very briefly and then scuttling back underneath very quickly.  One is eating and drinking but the others haven't quite conquered that yet.  They are so cute.  I've checked the pin feathers on the wing and by that method of sexing them, I reckon we have four males and one female.  I do hope there are at least two females..... 

I have to say that it is really nervewracking driving home from school with partly hatched chicks - all padded around with soft kitchen roll but nevertheless my heart was in my mouth with every bump in the road.  We'd waited an extra two hours at school on Friday evening but in the end, we gave up and came home.  It is only a ten minute drive and the next one didn't hatch until two hours later.  They were supposed to hatch on Thursday but only one obliged on the due day.  I've asked to borrow a wire so I can download and post a photo.



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