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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dinner was really tasty tonight.  My husband had left school really promptly and left me to come home later.  He went to the allotment so I wanted to make a meal that would sit and wait happily for a bit.  His mobile battery was nearly gone so I couldn't ring to check more precisely what time he would be home.  It is so useful being able to ring each other free : )

When I checked the fridge, we had several bits of various leftovers in tubs, so I made a stew/soup with the addition of a tin of tomatoes and some tired veg.  It was one of those times when everything melds together into a delicious blend of flavours and textures and you are glad to be eating it.  That doesn't always happen when you (I...) make a concoction with leftovers.  And there is about one and a half bowls left so if I stretch it a little bit more tonight, then that will be two dinners made from some (unplanned) leftovers and about 60p worth of tinned tomatoes and extra veg : )  Maybe some dumplings (Jamaican dumplings, the fat free ones) and some Herman bread....

I also made a cake and some bread type thing.  I'd been given a Herman - a German sourdough cake starter and had made it a couple of times but now I've run out of people to pass starters on to.  My Herman had been fed several times and was enormous.  I made a 1.5 times Herman in my biggest roasting tin and have brought lots into school today.  Cake at breaktime always goes down well.  As it is a sourdough mix, I also decided to try some bread because we are out.  Even the freezer has not yielded more than a couple of slices in a bag.  Usually I make some soda farls in the frying pan when we are out but the oven was going to be on for the cake and I had so much Herman.  The starter was quite runny so I just put some flour in a bowl, stirred in enough Herman to make a dough and then kneaded it and left it to rise.  We had some for breakfast and it was really nice, if a little yeasty because there was so much Herman in there.  I reckon it will make lovely toast tomorrow.  Next time I am overrun with Herman, I shall use some liquid and less Herman to make bread.



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