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Friday, April 27, 2012

I've just blown the food budget for April.  My farmer friends took their last year's lambs to the abbatoir this week and I have just filled the freezer with a whole (in joints) lamb.  At least I know that this lamb had a good life - and I know its mum and dad although its dad was very old and is now gone.  This lamb was dad's last season and afterwards, dad went downhill rather quickly.  Poor, old lad.  He was a lovely, friendly ram.  Their new one is a feisty fellow and I'm staying well clear!

We don't actually buy much meat, but I'm happier knowing the provenance of the meat we do have.  I have to admit, all my scruples have a tendency to go out the window on days like my last visit to Tesco when I got there when they were reducing the already reduced items to a quarter or less of the original price.  If I'm paying proper money, though, my scruples go back on duty.

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