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Monday, October 31, 2011

This week has been so busy.  I'm only about halfway down the list of jobs, though.  There are lots of things left to do and here I am back at school again.  Ah well.  My husband got a bit further down his list but he still has lots left over too.

On Friday I stewed up lots of fruit and left it to drip through a jelly bag.  I prepared a couple of bags of nice apple pieces to go in the freezer so that the peel and cores could go into the fruit mix. On Saturday I made 10 pots of Autumn Jelly - otherwise known as apple (several types) and a bit of all the other fruit that was left - 3 miniscule bunches of outdoor grapes (the entire harvest), a handful of late or not-quite-ripe blackberries, a handful of not-quite-ripe loganberries, 10 scrumped windfall medlars, a handful of rosehips, 2 pears.  It is a bit sweeter than I would have liked but it is the most wonderful ruby colour.  Yesterday, I sieved all the must and bottled 8 jars of pink apple sauce. I stewed up a couple of lbs of apple and sieved it to add to the sieved must because that was a bit stiff and not very apple sauce-like.

I've now used up my supply of jars with "pop" tops and have just flat lids left.  I still have a couple of boxes of apples left but they are all good ones - at least, they are right now...  I'll check them over again next weekend.

This week we have had a couple of salads worth of lettuce leaves from the garden and some tomatoes.  We also had a few runner beans with a meal and there are still some growing.  They are small so I looked at the weather forecast and decided to leave them on the plant until next weekend, in case they grow big enough to eat.  There are still some tomatoes left too.  I keep wondering whether to pick them or risk leaving them on the plant for a bit longer.  We've been eating home grown potatoes too.

It was my son-in-law's birthday yesterday so we had a family gathering in the evening.  My granddaughter had made the cakes (lots of little ones rather than one big one) and had decorated some with spider webs, some with orange icing and pumpkin faces, some gingerbread men had skeletons iced on and some chocolate marshmallows had icing "sheets" on with eye slits to look like ghosts.  She had fun!  And we had fun eating them too. My daughter carved a pumpkin for him and we had pumpkin soup. 

I got my Innocent veg pot vouchers (look on the website) and spent them at Sainsburys where they were on BOGOF so that I actually got them free.  We really enjoyed eating them but I couldn't ever bring myself to pay £3.79 for one.  If you "like" Hovis bread on Facebook, then you can print out two coupons to get their new partbaked bread for free.  We got two bloomers and they will keep us in bread for a bit.  We don't seem to get through so much during term time.  This week, being halfterm, we got through loads although as my daughter went shopping at just the right time, she brought us a couple of 10p loaves so that helped.  She actually brought me a full carrier bag of things all at 10p so I was well pleased.

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  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Astra said…

    that is amazing I can't believe that pumpkin, she is really talented! hope you had a good party x


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