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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We've been looking at cars and then looking at more cars and then looking at even more cars.  We've spent hours looking at possibilities on the internet and then gone and clocked up lots of miles actually viewing quite a few of them.   Cars that seem quite reasonable in pictures on the screen turn out to have lots of bumps and scratches or other things wrong with them.  Bit like viewing houses really, and comparing the house particulars with the reality.

Our time with the courtesy car is coming to an end and we have narrowed our choice down to two cars. I don't like the rush with which we have to spend all this money.  I want to take my time and be sure that I'm getting the best value we can but life doesn't always allow us to do what we want.  Actually I want my nice, friendly, ancient Audi back but I can't have it.  And the more cars we view, the more I want my Audi back.  I guess that I'm panicking at spending so much money if I'm being honest.

I'm MUCH better at being frugal than I am at spending my hard-earned savings.


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