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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've had soup in my slow cooker this week - veg and half a pack of soup mix (lentils, barley etc) that I got in my last order from Approved Food. We had some on Monday but it was a bit hearty so I doctored it with more liquid and some more veg and it was better on Tuesday. We still had lots left so I added yet more veg and half a packet of tomato juice that was yellow stickered and which I had not drunk. With a sprinkle of grated cheese it was tasty last night and should be tonight too with half a pack of noodles and still more veg and the remains of a jar of pesto added.

All the veg was homegrown, the soup mix was a good price from Approved Food, the tomato juice was at its date and yellow stickered, the noodles were cheapo and the pesto was just the jar rinsed out really.  We've had a sprinkle of parmesan lookalike cheese (Aldi) with it and a sprinkle of cheddar (b1g2f + coupons from Tesco) on another day.  That will make four days worth of dinners for the two of us for very little indeed.  Will I manage to make it stretch to five?  And the big bonus was that it has been ready when we come home from school.  Two days this week my husband has been home for just an hour to eat and then gone back to school until 10pm for meetings so this soup has been great.  When you have to work fom 8am to 10pm with just an hour off (he had to work through break and lunch) you don't want anything too heavy for dinner.  He is going to sleep for England this weekend because he will be sooooo tired.

The pesto jar is now filled with homemade mint sauce concentrate made from the last of my mint plant.

Just one more get up until half term.  Yay : )

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