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Saturday, October 01, 2011

At least the carhunting has now ceased as we have put a deposit down on one yesterday.  It is not quite what  I had in mind but it seems in good condition.  We told the salesman that the clutch was on its last legs and we have come to an agreement about them replacing the clutch.  At least we know that is done and the cam belt has already been changed.  It is also diesel where every other car we've ever had has been petrol so I shall be paranoid about being on autopilot and filling it with the wrong fuel.  I am soooo tired.  We've been spending every waking minute either working, carhunting, looking after chickens or seeing to the allotment.  We had a "tidy up or get out" letter from the committee which didn't help the grumpy feeling around here. Loads of other plots are worse than ours and we've had a reasonable crop off it this year.  I could have put my head down on my desk yesterday and I'd have been asleep instantly.

This morning I'm leaving my husband to sleep until he wakes.  With his asthma and allergies, he needs more sleep than I do.  I'm just having my breakfast with the computer for company.  We don't really have time for sleeping in as we have to go and buy hen food, get down to that allotment, I've got to practise the music for church tomorrow (minister has chosen a totally new song so this will take much longer than usual), my husband is preaching at another church and hasn't written the sermon yet.  If there is time left then there is ironing clothes for work.  And there is a bag of windfall apples waiting for attention. The washing is on doing right now.  Cleaning the house?  What's that? 

On Thursday I took a group of year 7 kids to hear Darren Shan speak.  I haven't read more than the back cover of his books because I am not really into vampires, demons and young teen horror stuff - but the kids are!  I have to say that I was quite impressed by him.  He had a whole auditorium of kids absolutely spellbound.  You could have heard the proverbial pin drop when he was reading extracts from his books.  Not everybody who can write well, can also speak well.  I've heard plenty of authors to whom that applies - but Darren Shan now gets my vote!

Anyway, I've finished my breakfast and the washing machine is beeping at me to say it has finished so I must get back to work.


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