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Thursday, October 06, 2011

We got our new(er) car on Tuesday and it went for a trip to Peterborough yesterday and apparently behaved itself.  We need to learn what all the buttons on the front mean.  On the old car, putting the heating on just meant turning a knob.  Now there is an array of buttons and I haven't worked out what they are for yet.  We opened the boot last night and discovered a piece of metal which is some sort of cover for the clutch assembly so we'll have to take it back to get that put on.  One does not normally have to check in the boot to see what pieces they have stored in there when they replace a clutch...

My husband filled the car up with fuel before going on his trip yesterday.  I nearly had apoplexy when he told me that the bill for fuel was £89.87.  Gulp!  I'm not used to that as the old one held much less.  I trust that quantity will last for a very long time.

At least we had a chinese takeaway for dinner last night on expenses and there is plenty left for tonight's meal too. Yum!


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