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Thursday, June 30, 2011

There is lots of excitement at school today down at the science end.  The Nature Club bought an incubator and chicken eggs are being hatched.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the day that everything is supposed to happen but one of the eggs started hatching at lunchtime today.  So every time I had to go anywhere around school today, I took the scenic route via one of the biology labs : )  It is just so wonderful to see an egg suddenly wobble or even cheep.  A couple of the lads set up a webcam and there is live coverage of the hatch on ustream so we can all check on the progress.  There is now a big enough hole to see the chick's beak opening and closing. 

I'm not part of the Nature Club but I've been sticking my oar in and helped choose the equipment - after all, I will probably want to borrow it.  I bought myself an incubator a couple of years ago and have tried to hatch eggs both this spring and last spring but without any success.  Lots of my eggs were fertile and the chicks started developing but all of them died in the shell.  I was really upset about it.  I'm not sure why this happened but I'm beginning to wonder if I got a duff incubator.  This is one reason why I'm excited at these chicks hatching.  The other reason is that the Nature Club need somebody to take the chicks when they are too big to keep at school.  Guess who volunteered...  Mind you, I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched and maybe not even then : )


  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    How excellent, to see your own future chickens hatch! Have you thought what you will do with the more than 50% males tho? Feed them through their fighting years or pop them in the pot?



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