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Monday, October 11, 2010

It was my birthday this weekend and it is my son's in a couple of days so we had a family get-together yesterday. It was really fun. My grandson was in good form as he had all these people willing to play with him. They all clubbed together to buy me a digital photo thingie which I'll have to get to grips with.

I spent Saturday afternoon baking flapjack and banana cake to bring into work today. There are just a few crumbs left in the tins so I think they enjoyed them. I made my normal flapjack mixture x6 and cut it into small, neat squares. The 2 banana cakes were made in loaf tins and cut into thick slices which were then cut into two chunks. I love it when somebody else takes the time to bake and bring in something nice on their birthday rather than a tin of sweets so I had to do that too. I probably spent less than I would have on a big tin of sweets, too.


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