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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I've been doing a little research on the internet about fridges as ours is on its last legs. It is not completely dead but it won't be long now so I thought that I had time to learn a bit about modern fridges and what is on offer and the price etc etc. So we come home from work on Thursday and went to empty the dishwasher - and the door won't open. Nothing would make it open. My husband took off the outside bits (note the technical jargon employed :) )that he could in the hope of reaching the inside bit of the door latch mechanism but no joy. I posted on a forum about the problem in the hope of finding somebody with brains who had solved this kind of problem before. Unfortunately the nice folk who replied all said the same as my husband - break it open if you want your dishes back. So he broke it open. Fortunately he was able to remove the door closing bits (jargon again...)and we can use it again - with an old net curtain wire hooked around it to keep it closed. It is not pretty but it is certainly not an eyesore and it WORKS which is the main thing. Now we could have thrown that old curtain wire out years ago but we kept it in case it might come in useful and now it has.

So we once again have a working dishwasher. And I can go back to my research on fridges now. I had changed to doing some frantic research on dishwashers because as we both work fulltime with lots of church commitments, we decided that if the dishes were going to get clean, it was more likely to happen with a dishwasher than without. We are undecided about the argument of lots of hot water versus dishwasher but time and clean dishes won in this case.

And my washing machine has just pinged to say that the load is done so I had better go and peg it out quick as dry days are a bit of a rarity at the moment.


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