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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bank Holiday weekend! I've been looking forward to this long weekend. This week has been busy. Well, all term has been busy so far. And a little extra day off like this is a real treat.

The newly henproof fence seems to be doing the job and I've had no escapes since. I do have a broody bantam who has gone quite vicious. I used to make broody bantams stay for a day in the rabbit run if they were a nuisance - but that was before I had a new rabbit. My rabbit is doing a grand job of cutting the grass for me so he definitely gets priority for the run and I'm keeping a careful eye on the wellbeing of the other bantams. I have the second rabbit hutch for emergencies. I got this from Freecycle after my little 'poorly hen' coop fell to bits.

I came home from work one day this week and walked into the kitchen and nearly leapt out of my skin as a wood pigeon flapped away from me. One of the cats must have brought it in and although there was a fair scattering of feathers over the floor, the bird did not look particularly badly damaged. It wasn't flying, though, so we cornered it and took it up the garden and put it in the sleeping part of the disintegrated 'poorly hen' coop where it could rest safely until we discovered if it was going to survive. However, when I checked up on it some 3 hours later, it had vanished. I still can't work out how it got out but it did and has not been seen since. I can't work out, either, how the cat got itself AND a wood pigeon through our small size cat flap in the first place. Ah well, more unsolved mysteries to ponder over when I have time....


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