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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another bank holiday weekend. Lovely! We were supposed to have gone away for the weekend to a family celebration but my husband has been poorly this week so we had to say that we couldn't come. We would have been camping and it is a 250 mile drive to get there so my husband isn't really up to it right now.

However, there are plenty of jobs to do. We found some woodworm in our bedroom so that needs dealt with asap. And there is the allotment and the vast quantity of weeds. And the grass in our garden.... And the hedge.... The rabbit is working hard on the grass for me but there is still lots to go. The hens deal with the weeds in the top half of the garden when I can let them out for a runaround.

I rescued several geraniums from my son's garden yesterday. He is going to grow a few veg and has to clear a patch for them. He is not growing much this year but it is a start. The rhubarb crown we got him is doing fine and we have collected up a small number of plants from friends such as a couple of surplus courgette plants and a couple of tomatoes and a wigwam-worth of beans. He'll have a few meals off those and hopefully be won over to a modicum of self sufficiency. I love geraniums. They look so good in the garden even without the flowers and the dense foliage cuts down the number of weeds that can grow. Multipurpose plants!

Well, my teabreak has come to an end and I need to get back to tidying the bedroom so that we can deal with the woodworm. Yuk. Horrible things! How did they used to cope with them and how come so much medieval/Elizabethan/slightly newer furniture still exists when they did not have all the chemicals that we have for dealing with infestations?


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