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Friday, May 11, 2007

The weekend has come round quickly this week. Don't get me wrong here because I love my job - it is just that I love a holiday too (and a break from getting up so early). Sometimes I get so tired that I feel I have no energy left over after work so that life is a round of eat, work, sleep. So a holiday is very welcome!

My hens are laying really big eggs this week and each Warren has laid an egg a day each day this week except one day when we were one egg short. And we've had 10 eggs in total from the 4 bantams too, which is a really good total for them. Two extra people have called to ask to buy eggs this week and I've been able to say 'yes' because they have laid so well. So when I need to go and buy food for them again, the hens will have paid for it themselves again. Although the Warrens are subsidising the bantams rather.

We pulled up some huge leaf beet plants in the allotment in order to clear an area. The beet had overwintered and now gone to seed and some plants were four foot high. I've been giving the plants to the hens each day and they have been loving it. The Warrens have eaten everything except for a bit of root but the bantams will only eat the leaf and leave all the rest. I notice that the Warrens are much less fussy eaters than any other type of hen we've had.

I love these lighter evenings when I can let the hens out for a runaround after coming home from work. And the rabbit has now discovered grass and loves being put into his run for a bit. I don't think he had ever seen grass before he came to live with us. And he certainly didn't know what a dandelion leaf was- - but he does now!


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