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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another dry evening so I let the hens out for a runaround and put the rabbit in his run for a bit too. After being cooped up for quite a few days because of the rain, they all enjoyed the extra bit of freedom. We are not having so many eggs at the moment - probably a reaction to having wet feet so much of the time. I'm only just managing to supply all my customers with none left over for us this week. Still, come the end of term and my half my customers disappearing until September, we'll have more than enough. Hopefully I'll be able to freeze a few for the winter.

All this rain means that when we've been free, there has been too much rain to go to the allotment. When we eventually get down there, we will probably need maps and a compass to find it underneath all the weeds. I just hope there are some veg surviving down there too.


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