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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Having looked up the weather forecast for the week - today is the best day. So I'm busy trying to get lots of washing done so it can dry outside on the line. The trouble with doing lots of washing, though, is that there is lots of ironing to do afterwards...

I've put the rabbit outside in his run for a bit. He has not been able to do that for a couple of days because it has been so wet. Now that he has discovered grass, he really likes to go out for a runaround. And he does work so hard at "mowing" the grass for me. I've been wondering about leaving a corner of the grass to grow long and maybe doing a little bit of haymaking, albeit on what could only be described as microscale. Small scale sounds too big for what I've got in mind. Just a little bit to help out. The rabbit and hens have got shredded paper at the moment.

The hens are laying well again. Last week the number of eggs went down a bit. One of the Warrens took to laying an egg downstairs in the run area for 3 days. I've no idea why but of course the others walked all over them so the eggs were very muddy indeed.

I've "rescued" some nice wood off a skip so my husband will be able to constuct a new run to go with the henhouse he has made and which is not yet in use. It is amazing what some people throw away. The old saying about one man's trash being another man's treasure is so true. A couple of years ago I was walking up our road when somebody was putting half a roll of chicken wire on a skip. Needless to say, I rescued that sharpish!


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