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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

It has been a busy weekend for us. On Maundy Thursday we had a joint service between six churches in the neighbourhood. On Good Friday we had another joint service preceding a march of witness to the next church up the road. Then we had another service in the afternoon and a Passover Meal in the evening. And today we had the early service followed by breakfast (boiled eggs - but not nearly so good as our own...) followed by the main service. Since I am in the music group, that also meant rehearsals for four of those services. My husband was preaching at two of those services and taking part in two of the others. As I said - busy! But it is Easter and the most important time of the year for us.

My husband has been spending lots of time down on the allotment this week and it is looking great. I've been trying to get through the huge mountain of washing and ironing ready for the new term. With one thing and another, I'm a bit behind and I think just about everything we possess must have been in that ironing mountain. Mountain? I think that it was more like an entire mountain range, not just one mountain.

My hens are producing lots of eggs for Easter and some of them are enormous - 70+ grams seems to be the average this week. The Warrens are not huge hens - ouch!


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