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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So much for the snow. I was really hoping that we might manage a day off to catch up with some stuff before the wedding. The dining table is now taken over by the wedding cake. It has some royal icing on it but we've now run out of sandpaper. I find making wedding cakes quite scary......

My nice Mrs Speckledy has laid me two eggs this week so far. Last week two of the bantams were broody but one has now seen sense. I think that Mrs Speckledy has not been able to lay eggs because she likes to go in the nest box and she couldn't fit in with two bantams aleady permanently there.

I do enjoy my eggs. There is nothing quite like a boiled egg and toast for breakfast when the wholemeal bread has been freshly made and the egg was laid about an hour before. I must admit that if the bread is still warm from the breadmaker then I don't toast it. Yum!


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