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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well, it has been quite a week. It was very busy at work. We had another storm this Thursday and a further bit of sheet metal came off the roof. Hopefully the roofing contractors have us near the top of their schedule. Lunchtimes at work are manic with the kids banned from going outside. I've come home really tired.

Then on Thursday we discovered that we had been the victims of identity theft. It is an increasingly common happening, unfortunately. However the criminals actually came to our house and used it in their fraud. Not nice! And we have had to spend HOURS on the phone trying to check everything out. Ugh.

And my hens have not been enjoying this windy weather. The Warrens have not laid a single egg in the last 8 days. I keep having to apologise to the friends who count on me providing their eggs each week. The little bantams, who haven't laid an egg for months are suddenly providing us with one egg a day between them so at least we have eggs for our household. But there are not enough for anybody else. I've had stern words with them but I think I'll just have to learn more patience.


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