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Sunday, February 04, 2007

It has been a busy week with a busy weekend and another busy week ahead. Too many meetings in that diary. I need my hair cut and trying to fit an appointment in this week was quite difficult. I couldn't fit a haircut in last week and my hairdressing friend is off on holiday next week so it had to be this week.

My oldest hen, a grand old lady now, laid me a lovely big egg today. The first one since early autumn. And my young Warren who was poorly all the autumn has laid her first two eggs this week. I was so pleased!

On the other side of the coin, my smallest hen coop has fallen to bits this week and will need serious mending done to it. I've been keeping a weather eye on skips etc for a piece of wood to make a new roof for a while but not found a big enough piece yet. However, now other areas are following suit. Things don't last for ever, especially when they were made from bits and pieces of leftovers in the first place - but why do they always choose inconvenient times to finally fall apart? The occupant of this coop has now got temporary accommodation in the rabbit's run with a box for a nest box and pieces of wood over the wire netting at night to provide shelter. Poor thing had to have somewhere to go for a week until we have daylight to do some repairs.


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