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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I hadn't realised how time has flown since I last blogged. We had a wonderful time away in February. We were glad that we had not travelled on the Saturday because of the snow on the smaller roads at the end of the journey. It was not too bad on the Sunday but even on the day we came home, there was still snow in places.

We went to look at quite a few places that sounded wonderful on the estate agents' particulars. I continually find it amazing how different reality is when compared to those particulars..... One place that we really liked meant that we had to drive across a field to reach it - and we got stuck in the middle. We really got covered in mud when trying to dislodge the car and after all the effort, there was no one at the property to meet us at the appointed time. There were wonderful views at that one and a red kite was circling very low above our heads. Not meant to be!

This has been a busy weekend: Saturday school, shopping for an outfit for a wedding, St Patrick's day, Mothering Sunday, church. And because I was out all yesterday, that means all of the ironing, washing etc for the week ahead needs to get done today. And it is snowing - any chance of a day off tomorrow to catch up on the ironing? Oh, and I need to get the first layer of royal icing on the wedding cake and when I went to the cupboard, I find that my liquid glucose for the royal icing has set because it is so old. So I will have to get to the shops on the way home from work to buy some and then do the icing tomorrow night.....


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