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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Days away

We've been away for three days and I really enjoyed it.  My husband had to go to Cambridge for a two day meeting and could stay at a (cheaper) hotel on expenses.  As the charge is per room and not per person, I went too and my son looked after the menagerie. Cambridge is a lovely place, full of old buildings and I loved wandering round looking at them.

M&S had sent me some vouchers that I probably won't use, but the one useful one was for £2.50 off the bill at a their café. So I went and had a lovely sit down with my book for an hour and sipped at a smoothie (costing £2.50) full of vitamin C and which they said would contain 2 of my 5 a day. I really enjoyed it and the break in my wandering was welcome too.  It was mid-afternoon and the place was more than half empty so I didn't mind staying for a while as I was in nobody's way.

This is my second visit so I am sussing out places where I can sit and eat my lunch. It is not yet the weather for sitting in a park or by the river. I went to the Tesco near the hotel and bought a pack of rolls and a bag of leafy salad to put in the rolls with some cheese spread. This made a tasty and moist filling which was not expensive. Certainly it was cheaper than buying a sandwich. I never go out without a bottle of water with me, either. So that was lunch sorted for both days with some leftovers to be eaten really quickly at home as cheese spread really shouldn't be out of a fridge for very long. My husband was sorted too as he had a cooked lunch provided for him. We shared the provided (and generous) meal in the evening so the lunchtime rolls were the only cost for my days away. Nice!

The one thing that I am missing in Cambridge is visiting the charity shops. I've only spotted three so far. There must be more than that somewhere in a town that size. Sometimes one can spot something in a fresh lot of charity shops. I've been looking for a new warm winter top/jumper for several months but I haven't found anything in my size that I like. I didn't think that I was very fussy but maybe I am after all. Or maybe there are loads of people in my area who wear my size and they always get there first.

10 items gone



  • At 2:20 AM, Blogger mrsnesbitt said…

    I love charity shops - my latest "find" were picnic baskets at £5 each - great storeage - better to look at than plastic boxes.


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