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Monday, January 20, 2014

More trouble...

They say that troubles never come singly and in this case, they (whoever "they" are) are right.

Firstly, my beautiful little rabbit died at the beginning of the month.  He was a little rabbit that I rescued.  He had not been well looked after in his first home and he never quite got over that.  He was a chestnutty colour with apricot eyeliner and was extremely handsome. He had become pretty deaf and almost blind of late but could still show a great deal of pleasure when given a dandelion leaf or a piece of apple : )

Then some horrible thing killed my four new little bantam crosses last Wednesday just when they were at the point of starting to lay - see 2 posts back.  And the same day my favourite old hen died of old age.

My husband has been at home recently recovering from a very nasty chest infection that has upset his asthma dreadfully. Last Friday afternoon, he got a phone call from our vet asking about our cat.  She had been home the usual length of time, asleep in front of our new woodburner which she absolutely loves. Then she popped out into the garden and decided to go for a walk. The vet said that a local lady had picked up our cat (she is chipped) and taken her to the vet saying that she had found a stray!  So my husband had to get to the vet and bring home our cat. The vet told her that this cat lived locally, had an owner and that she had no right to do anything with my cat and that she must not feed her.

Can you believe it?  Well, it gets better!

The cat spent most of Saturday curled up on top of or beside me, purring away contentedly.  Then, when it was getting near teatime, she popped out into the garden again - and I haven't seen her since.  I lost count of the number of times that I was out calling for her.  This morning my husband went back to the vet and asked if they would contact the lady again to see if she had my cat.  Well she had - and said that my cat was ill, that we were not taking care of it because it was round at her house asking for fresh chicken again.  Since we were not taking proper care of this ill cat, she was going to take it to the PDSA!!!  We reckon that the vet must have put this lady straight on a few things because my husband was allowed to go and collect her at lunchtime.

My cat is 15, has always been slimline and has a permanent tummy condition which the vet is aware of and she needs suitable food little and often to prevent nasty smelly happenings from both ends.  She just needs careful looking after to keep her as healthy as is possible for as long as possible.  I probably mentioned in my blog last summer about spending over £500 on this cat at this vet's surgery...

I can't tell you how annoyed I am with this lady.  How dare she interfere with my cat.  At least I know now why my cat's tummy problem has flared up again this week!

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