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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy, busy

We're feeding the multitudes again.  This time it is Christmas dinner (ish) for 60 on Sunday. We are just working out a shopping list...

We are involved in doing the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child again this year.  Only this year we are involved a little more than just in filling a box because my husband and a friend are driving round collecting the shoe boxes from collection points all around here.  They have to do a circular tour once a week for three weeks and another two people we know are doing the same.  My husband came home yesterday after his tour of duty saying that he had discovered muscles that he didn't know he had.  He had gone thinking that a shoe box didn't weigh much... : )

Anyway, our church is a main collection point, and our "checking the boxes" day is Saturday. As I shall be shopping for the meal on Sunday, I shall send my apologies for that. All the boxes have got to be checked to make sure that the things people put in them are suitable. There are some quite stringent rules about the contents, mainly to comply with the rules of the country that the box recipients will be in.  I also know somebody who has been involved in distributing the boxes to the children and the stories they tell are quite humbling.

I had forgotten to buy toothpaste for ours before they get handed in on Thursday so I called into Sainsburys on the way home last night.  I got a free yoghurt with a voucher and got a money off voucher (for something that I actually use!!) and a double points next time voucher from the till, so that was good.  I had been hoping that as I had no option but to go after work, that they might have been round with the yellow stickers but they had only done the first reductions and the price for everything was way higher than I would want to pay.  Still, I got the toothpaste and two vouchers that will actually get used so I shouldn't grumble.

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