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Friday, September 27, 2013

Present Time

Right now I have recovered a bit of equilibrium.  I was rather (understatement!) down in the dumps when I wrote my last post.

But I've been the happy recipient of TWO presents this week, both from my offspring.  I was just going out the front door on my way to work on Wednesday when my son pulled up in his car, gave me a big bag of baby plum tomatoes from the market in town and then rushed off as he was running late on his way to work.  He'd had to go to a meeting in town the day before and it had finished just in time for him to rush to the market to see if there were any clearing-up time bargains.  My baby plum tomatoes weighed in excess of 3lbs and cost him just £1.  He knows that I love them so he brought his mum a present.

And yesterday, when I got in from work, there was a carrier bag in the hall, left by Mr Nobody. There are only three people, other than us, with a key to our house so the kind person can be found and thanked after a few phone calls.  The bag contained three loaves of my favourite wholemeal bread with yellow stickers on. We get three loaves of bread but it only cost Mr Nobody 4p per loaf.
3 loaves x 4p cost per loaf = 12p expenditure.
I could not believe the price.  4p reduced down from 90p!!!

One of the things that gladdened my heart was the fact that I know that the giver(s) of these presents knew that I would be pleased not only by the gift itself but by the frugality of them. Sometimes you don't have to spent a lot of money to give a gift worth giving.

Maybe my kids were learning at the same time as they moaned about my pennypinching when they were teenagers : )



  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger My shabbychic vintage frugal life said…

    hello jo , really impressed with your yellow sticker bargains , since moving here i have not been so lucky , when i lived in wednesbury i lived within walking distance of morrisons and got to know when they were reducing the stuff and never really paid full price for meat etc , here i haven't got a clue about times of reductions.

  • At 12:26 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    I wish I knew when our local shops had their reducing times too. Our local supermarket seems to keep changing the times so it is just the luck of the draw which is why I was so pleased when my daughter left me the bread.


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