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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Even more jam

I didn't get my beans prepared on Saturday.  Instead I made even more jam. On Friday morning, my husband had picked all the little damson like plums from our little tree and some were already starting to go mouldy by Saturday morning so I thought I had better do something with them quickly before I lost them.  There were not as many plums as I had hoped as we had a bit of a storm when the tree was in flower. We didn't get a single plum last year, due to the weather so this small crop is a big improvement on last year : )

Damson jam is my absolute favourite so I made some of that but I also made some damson and orange which is new to me but having sampled some, it may well get added to my list of regulars.  It is also a really beautiful colour.  I wish I had the means to show you the colour but my old phone still keeps going so there is no need to replace it.  Maybe when I do eventually bite the bullet and get a new one, I shall be able to add photos.  I do like looking at other people's photos.

My husband had to go to an examiners' meeting at Cambridge on Friday afternoon/Saturday.  I hate it when he is away overnight and he has several of these meetings with either one overnight stay or, worse still, TWO nights away, coming up this term.  When he got to his hotel in the evening, he found that he had been chosen as "Guest of the Day".  So he was upgraded to an "executive" class room and had a complimentary bottle of wine and two bottles of water in his room as well as a sachet of hot chocolate (which he brought home for me) with the usual tea and coffee things.  He had a free movie that he could watch (usually £7.50) so he was really chuffed as the choice included one that he'd been wanting to see.  He was also given a free packed lunch on Saturday morning but his lunch was already being provided, so he brought this packed lunch home and we ate it for tea on Sunday as it was of generous proportions. And when he got home late on Saturday evening, he was entitled to an evening meal on expenses so we went to the Chinese takeaway run by our friends and had a wonderful meal.  The expenses allowed would only buy one dinner for one person but with a takeaway, I get a treat too.  Doesn't make up for him being away overnight, though!

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