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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disappearing Days

Hurray - I can post again.  I don't understand why Blogger would not let me post this week.  I was able to type in a title but not anything else.  Ah well, these things are sent to try us, as they say.

I'm not sure where time is going.  It seems to be speeding up somehow.  We've already done two weeks back at school and it is an effort to remember the summer holiday. It feels like some days have just disappeared.

I've made a little more jam this week.  Just 5 small pots of blackberry and raspberry as my husband had picked me a punnet of raspberries from the allotment and they needed to be used up quickly.  He'd also brought me a punnet of blackberries so I made some jam.  I should have stretched it out with a little bit of apple but I was too tired and just wanted to save the fruit before it went off and preparing apple made it seem like too much of a big job.  At least with the berries, all I had to do was pick them over - no peeling. and they cook and set really quickly.

I have a little pile of beans to prepare for the freezer today.  We have one wigwam each of French beans (purple ones - really pretty) and runner beans in the garden and despite on onset of autumn, they are going into major production mode.  I'm not very keen on the beans as a veg once they've been frozon but they are just fine in something like a pasta dish or rice'n'things.

I had a little windfall at work this week as there were two trays of sandwiches going begging.  I was a bit iffy about eating some of them as thay had been sat out of the chiller for several hours and I just don't fancy tuna that has been left out.  However, there were cheese ones which won't hurt.  So we had cheesy bread and butter pudding with home grown veg for dinner and I'll be having toasted cheese sandwiches for my lunch today.  That means a few more of my pennies not spent and two trays of sandwiches saved from the bin where they were headed if I'd not come along : )

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  • At 1:32 PM, Blogger My shabbychic vintage frugal life said…

    all that jam how lovely have you made any jam tarts yet x

  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    No jam tarts yet. No anything right now. I haven't baked a thing since school started back and my husband is feeling the lack. But the jam won't go off (thank goodness) so jam tarts are still at the top of the list next time the oven is on : )


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