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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Winter is a-comin' in

It is just after 4pm and it is starting to get dark already.  Winter is just around the corner but I have lots of goodies stored away on shelves and in the freezer. At the moment, it is the thought of paying for all the house to be heated that is the niggle in my mind.  My trusty halogen heater has been on several times and four evenings this week, we have had the central heating on for an hour.  Every time we turn it on, I have £ signs rolling round before my eyes.

Last week, away in Presteigne, I was spoilt because the lady who owns the house had the central heating set and it was locked in a cupboard so as I had no control over it, I just enjoyed the warmth. That luxury has made me feel even colder in my own home this week, though. I must admit that I would like to keep the place warmer than it is.  I am happy to wear extra layers but right now I have enough layers on to feel like the Michelin man - remember him?

We were out at a bonfire last night.  It was a joint effort between the Boys' Brigade and the church family.  Our job was to provide about 14 litres of soup.  I never did get out to the bonfire because I was stirring soup and heating baked beans and rotating saucepans on the cooker to make sure everything got heated up properly.  We made carrot and tomato soup because that was what I had in sufficient quantities to make it from.  Guess what is for dinner tonight?  Leftover soup! Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, which was the object of the exercise, and my two youngest grandchildren were there so it was good to see them : )

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  • At 5:18 AM, Blogger Fran said…

    14 Litres of soup, that is one seriusly big pot!!! Carrot and tomato sounds good, any chance of a recipe? xxx

  • At 1:57 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Actually it was divideded between my big stockpot, my pressure cooker base and my two biggest pans : )

    Recipe? It was just what I had in the house. About 5lbs of carrots, 6 tins of tomatoes, 3 largw potatoes, about 1lb or so of onions, 1 large jar of tomato puree, about half a jar of garlic puree (cos it needed used up), 1 pack of 6 veggie stock cubes, 1 pack of 6 basil stock cubes, couple of tablespoons mixed herbs, lots of black pepper, about 6 teaspoons sugar and a little bit of salt to taste. In our house, soup is always made with what I have around so it is never the same twice running. It was a bit of a game to get all the pans to taste reasonably similar being all different sizes. It would have been soooo much easier with one big pan but then we were cooking on a domestic stove. If I ever have to do it again, then I'll see if I can borrow a ginormous pot to mix it all together in and then divide into smaller pans to reheat. It would be easier that way, even allowing for extra washing up.


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