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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I went to Tesco yesterday because we needed milk and that was the closest supermarket to where we were going.  One of the things that I bought was a 200g jar of Nescafe for work.  When I checked my email this morning, I had an email from Tesco giving a list of things to buy that would give a voucher for 10p per litre off petrol - including buying a 300g jar of Nescafe.  School wouldn't have minded me buying the bigger jar and I would have had a nice voucher for fuel. Ah well.

One nice thing that I found in Tesco: tins of mushy peas were 4p.  I didn't think that they sold anything for 4p.  I'm not very keen myself but my husband just loves mushy peas.  I've got quite a few tins of mushy peas in the cupboard now : )

More pennies in the smallholderwannabe coffers.

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