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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We went for an outing yesterday - to Sainsburys. Thrilling, eh!  It is the first time for several weeks that I've been out of the door apart from visits to the doctor and the first time for a couple of weeks for my husband.  We were both very shaky when we got back and worried because we are supposed to be back at school on Monday. Hmmm.

I've decided to monitor our spending a bit more this year.  So I've got a notebook and kept a record of everything that we have spent in January.  It has been easy this month because we have not been out anywhere.  The test will be when we are back to our normal busy lives. At least we have kept to the plan of eating out of the freezer this month and our food shopping bill has come in at just over £30 for the whole of January with toiletries and other household things taking the total to just over £35.  However, the heating bill will have jumped rather because of being home.  I'm going to make a real effort to keep the noptebook up to date for 3 months and see how we do.


  • At 2:13 AM, Blogger Frugal Queen said…

    Every time I read, I wish I could come round and look after you! You have suffered so much and you are very very much in my prayers xxxxx

  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Thank you! At least with my husband home ill these last two weeks, we've been company for each other - and one can get a cuppa when the other is feeling rough and vice versa.

    You are suffering too and I do hope you can get past this stage in your life. Life is no fun when some bit of your body is malfunctioning. Take care!


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