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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still off school but my voice is starting to come back - finally.  It has been gone for 9 weeks now.  And I'm now starting to feel a little bit of energy trickling back.  Doesn't last long but at least it is there for a while.  I've finished my most recent dose of antibiotics and they do seem to have worked this time.  My husband is off work now too with his own chest infection that triggered all sorts of asthma problems. And he has been really deaf with it and that does not pair up neatly with me having no voice : )

The young hens have laid 7 eggs three times now but to make up for it, they have only laid 3 on really wet days.  How do free range egg farmers ever make a living when they have orders to fill and hens that lay according to the weather and how they are feeling?  I've also got a case of feather pecking to contend with.  I've got a spray that tastes and smells absolutely disgusting.  Because it is a spray, I always seem to get some on me or my coat.  I use a nose mask and rubber gloves but somehow I can still taste the vile stuff a couple of hours later.  Bleugghhh.  I'm due to use it again today so I think I can taste it in anticipation.  It does seem to help though.

My fridge, freezer and pantry were well stocked which has been a real blessing as we were not capable of getting out anywhere for a while there.  And having family living locally who could bring in milk etc has been a blessing also.  One of my main resolutions for the new year was to eat out the freezer for a while and we are certainly doing that.  We have nearly eaten enough from the freezer to be able to sort it out without being unable to close the lid at the end of the sorting.  That does mean that we are eating the newest stuff from the top of the large and very deep chest freezer but it is progress and I am pleased with it.


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