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Saturday, April 02, 2011

I managed to watch that scrimpers programme on tv this week. How can a family earn so much money and be that much overdrawn every month? I just do not understand it. And takeaways! It sounded like a home cooked meal was real novelty. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The people who made that series ought to talk to all of us here in frugal blogland. We'd teach them a thing or three worth knowing.

The hens had a lovely morning out pecking round the garden and dust bathing in the sun. It is lovely to see them enjoying something so simple. I spent a happy morning pegging out the washing . I've used every bit of line space and then hung some things from coathangers and I've used every peg I have. That is what happens when you discover that you've both run out of socks because they are all in the wash except the really holey ones. And you seem to have the entire collection of teatowels from church home to wash too. Hopefully they will all dry today because I have another load of washing waiting in the wings.

We went to the school play last night - Cabaret. It was really good. I always feel so proud when our youngsters do really well at something and this musical was great. We've got some fine singers and actors. And the directing and choreography were good too. We enjoyed it and were glad we went. Sometimes you need a bit of culture.


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