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Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, all the folk who stopped for the lunch at church enjoyed it and I noticed that there was very little indeed scraped off the plates into the bin before going into the dishwasher. I was pleased about that but I've been absolutely wrecked this week and in the end no ironing got done. Fortunately my husband found a couple of ironed but ancient shirts in the back of a wardrobe in another bedroom and that kept him going for a bit.

The hens are laying for England at the moment. Even the middleaged ones are laying lots. I've had to go round the staffroom touting for trade this week because even with Pancake Day and the family wanting lots, the quantity of eggs had outgrown the space where I store them. The extra pennies will help towards buying a tin of the expensive "bat-friendly" waterproofing to paint the henhouses this summer : )

Pancake Day was fun. I love pancakes! Sugar and lemon always win with me but my husband prefers syrup. We are going to the BB (Boys' Brigade) pancake party tonight, if I can stay awake long enough. I've been yawning my head off all day today and I haven't been bored in the slightest. Our son is one of the BB leaders and so we are going along. He has been in the BB since he was 5. The fact that my little grandson is also going, of course, might just have helped in the decision : ) and I've got to go down early to help look after him while his parents prepare things.

Saturday school tomorrow again. And jobs to do which most definitely means ironing because there are no more shirts, ancient or new, anywhere except in the ironing pile. And the hens need cleaned out. And the rabbits too. And we've only been to the allotment once since Christmas. And the car is still covered in mud from our halfterm visit to Wales. And I'm tired.



  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    Years ago my first husband and I had a smallholding in Leicestershire. We both worked full time and had 2 young children. We also kept hens and bred rabbits for the freezer as well as having ½acre garden with a large veg patch and greenhouse. I would spend all my 'spare' time at the weekend cleaning birds and rabbit houses and digging or weeding, and then come inside in the gloaming to start cooking Sunday dinner and casseroles for the week, as well as getting the children's school clothes ready.

    Eventually the unrelenting tiredness got me down and I began to loathe weekends. Make sure that you look after yourself and don't overdo things :O)

  • At 3:34 AM, Blogger mrsnesbitt said…

    It is a good job my husband doesn't need shirts for work. He is an engineer and wears T-shirts in his workshop. At nightime he changes into white T-shirts. I dry them quite flat on the Aga and this means if I fold regularly they do not need itoning!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - please e-mail me your address and I will sned you a little something as part of my giveaway.
    denise dot nesbitt @ btinternetdotcom


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