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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm so glad it is the weekend AND we have a Saturday when we are not booked to do anything besides the usual jobs. I've decreed that it is a rest day apart from a few pottering round kind of jobs in the house.

I've a confession to make. We went to Sainsburys on the way home from work yesterday and succumbed to a treat supper. We bought cod portions (on offer) and McCains Home Fries (on offer) and frozen peas (on offer). And they were lovely. We only used half the peas (small bag) and cod portions and a quarter of the chips so the meal still came in at just under £2 for both of us even with some fruit juice. I can't remember when we last gave in to temptation like that. It must be well over a year ago. So we are having last night's dinner tonight instead. Smallholdings are never going to happen if I give in to temptation like that but we both enjoyed the treat.

The hens have responded to the colder weather and are laying fewer eggs but have done pretty well today. My husband has just come in from the garden to warm up. He has cleaned them all out and given them a good carpet of autumn leaves to turn over. They really enjoy those leaves and we have enough left for several weeks yet.


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