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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It is just as well that I am typing and not trying to talk as I am all croaky. The local shopping centre asked us to come and sing carols today. So we went and did an hour and a half's programme. Lots of people stopped to listen and some joined in too, which was really nice. On Tuesday evening, we've been booked to go and do a carol service for a warden controlled unit in the neighbourhood. Then Thursday evening is our main carol service by candlelight at church. It is also our carol service at school that evening so we will miss that which is a shame. I want to go to both but I am needed at church so I can't go to school. I love to hear the boys sing.

There has been precious little washing, ironing and cleaning done these last couple of weeks, let alone presents and cards sorted. We finish work on Friday and I can see that the week leading up to Christmas will be manic trying to get everything sorted and some semblance of order restored in the house.

There is also a war going on in the house. When I had three cats, before last Friday, the "pecking order" was all sorted. There was Top Cat, which is the one that died and the other two were united in being undercats. Now, however, cat number 3 has decided that she wants to be Top Cat and cat number two thought that she had inherited that role... Stand well clear because the fur is flying and you don't want to get in the way of those claws.

The hens are still expending their energies in keeping warm rather than in laying eggs so there have not been many laid this week. Half my customers have had an apology delivered instead of a box of eggs. Not that I blame the hens because I've been cold too! I've chosen to give the eggs to the customers of longest standing. It is hard to choose who to give the eggs to and quite embarrassing constantly giving out apologies. And I've had somebody new ask me for eggs this week so I've told them that they will have to wait for the spring when laying is properly under way again.


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