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Monday, November 29, 2010

What a weekend. I think we are back at school for a rest.

On Friday we were at school for 8am as usual. Neither of us really got any lunch break. We left school about 4.30 and went straight to Aldi and on to Sainsburys. My husband had kindly volunteered us to cook a Christmassy dinner for church on Sunday before the church meeting in the afternoon. 70 people signed up to come. We eventually got home for dinner about 8pm and that was when we found my poor cat.

Saturday morning we went into school for the last of this series of Saturday schools. Then we went straight to Asda to see if we could buy the items that had not been on the shelves in either of the other two supermarkets. We got home about 3pm for lunch. After eating we went out to the garden to dig a grave for Sam but that was hard work because the ground was rather frozen. We get a lot of foxes through the garden so the grave had to be deep. So we said our goodbyes and buried him and it was so dark by then that the hens had gone up to roost so they didn't get cleaned out. We spent the rest of the evening planning a time schedule for cooking the meal.

Sunday, we were up at 6.30 - same as for school. We were at church early, put on our pinnies and got to work. Husband is brilliant in the kitchen at times like these. We were due to serve the meal at 12.30. We had others detailed to sort out the tables, cutlery etc which was a big help.

melon with maraschino flavoured cherry

turkey breast stuffed with cranberry and orange
extra portion of savoury stuffing with cranberry and orange
roast potatoes
mashed potatoes
roast pumpkin
bread sauce
cranberry sauce

veggie alternative was a Quorn roast with veggie gravy

Christmas pud with custard or (nice) icecream with choc sauce and fancy wafers

tea/coffee with After Eights

We broke even at £2.75 a head. It is always the little extras that bump the price up but everybody seemed to enjoy the meal and we had enough compliments to make us feel we had done a good job. I don't want to cook for 70 too often, though!! The mash was real and so was the bread sauce but we cheated with the stuffing and used packets. The carrots and broccoli were fresh but the roast potatoes were frozen. Previous experiences of cooking for larger numbers have led me to cheat with roasties :) We also have enough potato and veg peelings to keep the rabbits and the hens happy for several days. And I have a collection of cranberry sauce jars which will get filled with apple. So there are some fringe benefits...

After the meal, we had the church members' meeting after which we finished clearing up and were home just after 5pm. I rushed round and fed the animals and sat down with a cuppa and watched a silly Christmas film on the tv and didn't move until it was over. I had done no washing, or ironing or cleaning all weekend. Fortunately there were some clean things still in the ironing pile so I ironed those for work, had a slice of toast and fell into bed - just about asleep before my head hit the pillow. And about 3 seconds later, the alarm went off and here we are back in school again.


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