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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yesterday we had a family trip to the German market. It is magical in the dark with the lights. It was a fun trip with nine members of the family there but, boy was everything expensive! With having had 7 to 8 inches of snow, the market was quiet and I think the German stallholders might be going home with less in their pockets than they hoped for. We ate a slice of toast each before we set out so that we would be less tempted by the extortionate but delicious foods on offer. We did succumb to a little but not much and we shared that and I had a bottle of (tap) water with me in my bag. We had a bit of supper when we got home, too. It was an enjoyable evening. If the kids invite us to go with them, I know I'm going to have to part with some money... I'd rather that than not be invited.

My husband has had to go to a meeting in Cambridge today. I hate driving in snow myself and I shall have a niggle of unrest in my mind until he is safely home again. I understand that the roads around Cambridge are ok but they are not so good around here.

The hens are not keen on snow and cold and are not laying many eggs as their energies are more directed towards keeping warm. It is a job to keep the water unfrozen so that they and the rabbits can have a drink. The bantams have not ventured outside of their house at all.

Right, I've had a teabreak and caught up on blog reading so I'm going back to do some jobs.


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