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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Christmas morning, we went to church as we always do. However, the minister was ill in bed with flu so my husband took the service at the last minute. He did fine. It is never easy to take over something like that when you've already got all your time planned out.

We had a lovely time all together as a family on Christmas Day. There were 14 members of the extended family at my daughter's : ) house on Christmas Day. One of the benefits of grownup children is that Christmas dinner can rotate around the various homes. Each household was instructed to bring various items like a cooked joint of meat or a pudding or alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks to spread the workload and the cost. There were also some much needed nibbles as with that quantity of food to cook, dinner got a little behind schedule. We had 6 vegetarians, 1 veggie/fish eater and 7 omnivores. There was turkey, salmon, pork, gammon and nut roast served with 18 different vegetables cooked in many different ways. There was also homemade bread sauce and cranberry sauce. There was certainly something to please everybody. We had a lovely meal together.

In our family we all love our vegetables - no trouble getting us to eat our brussel sprouts! Each year it has become a tradition to try to serve as many veg as possible but I think my daughter has won the laurels with 18, though.

After the main course, we exchanged and opened the presents and a couple of hours later, we had Christmas pudding or sherry trifle or honeycomb cheesecake. Some people had a little portion of each. Some people (the menfolk) had a large portion of each.

A good time was had by all. My little grandson thoroughly enjoyed himself handing around the presents. One of his favourite new toys was a little red and yellow car that I spotted in a shop when we were visiting Liskeard in the summer. I was so pleased that he liked it.

That was a good day and we made happy memories.


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