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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've been scrumping plums.  Our next door neighbour has several plum trees and one has several laden branches which were hanging over our garden.  They are away at the moment and the plums are ready.  For last Christmas, our kids bought me me of those gadgets for picking fruit from trees where you can't reach high enough. I don't think these plum trees have been pruned in a quarter of a century so they are rather tall.  It seemed a shame not to pick the fruit on our side when it was ready rather than wait until it drops and feed it as treats to the hens.  The neighbours won't pick the fruit themselves as you "don't know what has been on it". They sweep it up and put it out in green bags for the recycling rubbish collection and go and buy some fruit from the supermarket instead  : 0 


  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger cottonreel said…

    My friend bluebell remended me about you request for a recipe , blackberry vinegar .
    Your enquiry is on the blog I put about my crab apple jelly

    I use as many blk,berries OR raspberries as I have , I cover them with white vinegar . boil until the fruit is soft . strain thro,. muslin ,(no seeds wanted )

    I then boil the liquid with sugar to sweeten ,a prefered choice but not too sweet . I always bottle when cold .
    I save sauce bottles .
    It really is lovely . If you like cloves add 1 or 2, not more to the hot liquid or even a cinnamon stick .
    It can be diluted with hot water and honey

    I told my 80 yr,. old neighbour how to make fruit vinegar . He tells me he did not even have the sniffles last winter and that he added it to his porridge . I have not tried that.

    Now wishing I had a quince bush . I have a teaspoon of crab apple jelly each day , better than a vitamin C tablet


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