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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I was reading the Wartime Housewife's blog this morning and she has posted about Radio Signs also known as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.  I was interested because although I recognised delta alpha foxtrot etc when I cam across them,  I could not myself have told you more than a very small number of these signs.  Nor did I know what they were called or exactly why somebody invented them beyond that it was something to do with radio.  And I certainly did not know the "protocol" for numbers.  She also gives a link to the BBC website for a fuller explanation of the story behind them.  A google search for The Wartime Housewife will come up with her blogpost.

So I have pinched her list of signs and put them here so that I will remember what they are and where to find them    : )   There have been times during some phone calls when I would have found this knowledge useful.........

A = Alpha      H = Hotel          O = Oscar        V = Victor

B = Bravo       I = India            P = Papa          W = Whisky

C = Charlie     J = Juliet           Q = Quebec      X = X-Ray

D = Delta       K = Kilo             R = Romeo       Y = Yankee

E = Echo        L = Lima            S = Sierra          Z = Zulu

F = Foxtrot    M = Mike          T = Tango

G = Golf         N = November  U = Uniform

There is also a protocol for numbers:

1 = Wun    2 = Two    3 = Tree    4 = Fower    5 = Fife

6 = Six    7 = Sefan    8 = Ait    9 = Niner    0 = Zero

ps These are perfectly lined up when seen in the "type it in" box but when I hit "publish", the call signs take on a life of their own and jump around out of line like naughty schoolchildren.


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