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Saturday, November 06, 2010

We were both invigilating at the entrance exam for the grammar schools in our area today. One of our few bits of paid overtime. Next week and for the few Saturdays after, we get to do Saturday school. The bad news is that we heard this week that Saturday schools are getting the chop. Cutbacks again. Either this session or the spring session will be the last. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

It has been a long week and a hard morning so I'm tired. There are lots of jobs to be done but most of them are going to wait until tomorrow. Beyond a few essential jobs, the rest of today is declared a holiday. I am just sitting down at the computer with a cuppa to start things off.


  • At 2:35 PM, Blogger Frugal Life UK said…

    I've never heard of Saturday school

  • At 6:06 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    We run a series of classes on maths, science (my husband), computing and sort-of English (me). They are aimed at yr6. Learning plus fun - well it is Saturday and for us as well as the kids. The last few years we've taken them to Snibston Science Discovery Park (Coalville, Leics)in the summer term. I think it started originally because of our specialisms and needing concrete community links. Anyway, they will be no more. Cutbacks by the government working out in less for the people, or in this case, kids, again.


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