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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was below 10 degrees in my living room yesterday and I nearly caved in and put the heating on. However, a rug and HWB saved the day (or rather the evening) - and the weather is warmer today so it is now 11 degrees in my living room. Our house gets the sun in the front for half an hour after dawn and in the back for 45 mins in the middle of the afternoon. Every time I want the heating on, I think of last winter's gas bill and that helps lots : )

This week Lidl have a tray of 12 assorted tins of Felix cat food in jelly for £4.80. That is 40p per tin and I haven't found it this cheap since I can't remember when. Yay! I could only carry 2 trays to where I had left the car but every little helps!


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