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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I had six eggs from my new little hens yesterday, which is good news. On Friday one of them laid a very big egg - at least 90 g. I gave it to my granddaughter and she had it for her tea. When her mum cracked the egg, my granddaughter ran to get the phone to tell me that it had not one, not two but THREE yolks. I've never had a triple yolker before. But my granddaughter enjoyed it.

It was my husband's birthday yesterday and the whole family came round for dinner. I think we need an extension for our dining table because after we have a second grandchild in the summer, we just won't fit round any more. It was a bit of a tight squeeze last night. We had saved a home grown chicken for the meal and it was very nice. All the kids had clubbed together to give my husband some money towards buying a good 6 string acoustic guitar. He already has a 12 string which sees a lot of use and is great but is not very good when you are in a small group situation or if you just feel like paying around a bit on your own. Maybe in the summer holidays he can decide which one he wants to buy.

It has been a good half term break and we've done a lot of useful work. Been to the allotment, tidied the living room and several odd corners around the house, sorted the bookshelves and removed 8 large boxes of books. I don't want to part with some of them because they are old friends with a lot of memories but if we do manage to move, I can't take them all with me. a friend is having a big booksale at their church so it seemed like a good opportunity to sort them out. At least they might go to someone else who will love them. I'm not good at being ruthless though and find the process of sorting out very painful.


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