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Saturday, May 02, 2009

I have three of the new hens laying now. One of the Bluebells has started laying and one then one of the Warrens started too. Most of this week we have had one egg from Coral and one egg from one of the other two. It is sooo nice to have a fresh egg again. And on Tuesday we had three eggs from the new girls and TWO eggs from the old Warrens! I couldn't believe it. All this time without a single egg from them and suddenly two decide to lay on the same day. I had visions of them thinking "chicken pie" like in the film Chicken Run and deciding they had better pull their little socks up. I've even sold 2 boxes of eggs at work this week. And we had egg and chips for dinner to celebrate.

We are off up the Lickies to meet the family for a picnic lunch today. It is a lovely day for a walk - warm enough for a picnic but not too hot so a walk is still pleasant. Now that is something that I would miss if we move - an impromptu family get-together.


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