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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just five more working days until we get a holiday. I am soooo tired and ready for a break.

Yesterday we went to our eldest daughter's house for a family gathering to celebrate her birthday and her partner's also. Their birthdays are just three weeks apart. It was good to spend the evening with my family and I enjoyed it. Everybody brought a bottle of something to drink - some alcoholic and some not so there was something to everybody's taste, whether driving or not, and also a plate of something as a contribution to the buffet. It is not so much work for the hosts if everybody brings something. There were 12 of us in all as they had a couple of friends come too. In fact, we all brought too much and we've eaten lunch and tea from the leftovers and I imagine everybody else has too. But I was so tired that it was really hard work to climb the stairs to bed when we got home. Not good - especially as Schloer was what I had been drinking. Oh and a cup of coffee too.

Only Mrs Speckledy is still laying. Two this week. The Warrens and Mrs Speckledy seem completely settled together and it is as if she had always lived with them. I let them out for a runaround in the sunshine this afternoon and she went to have a peer in at the bantams and had a chat through the wire. They just stood and peered at her with their heads to one side as if to say that she looked familiar but where had they met her before...?


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