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Saturday, May 09, 2009

My poor husband has been off work all week. He picked up a cold that triggered his asthma. I've been running round work all week trying to sort everything out for him and try to do some of my job too. He is a bit better this weekend and will be back in work on Monday but he won't be doing a lot of talking at school.

On Thursday I went to see my granddaughter in her show produced by her dancing school. They were all really good and it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves. There was tap, modern dance and ballet - and probably a few more but I don't know the names. The ages of the dancers ranged from 3 to 63 and probably more. It was an expensive evening - £9 a ticket and my daughter had to pay out over £200 for the costumes. And we were not even allowed to take any photos as the theatre bans them - they do a dvd and you have to buy that if you want a momento. I know what I think of that!

The young hens are getting their act together a bit more now. Not all of them are laying but another has joined the ranks of the egg producers. One of them keeps laying soft shelled eggs under the perch in all the mess. I keep having to take the heavy side off the perch area to clean it up before they get a taste for eggs.

I can hear the washing machine beeping at me to say it has finished so I'd better go and peg it out to get as much time outside as possible as the weather forecast says that it will rain later.


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