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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My sixth new little hen has laid her first egg today. Hurray! It is so good to have lots of eggs again. Mind you, one of the bantams has started eating eggs so I'm not sure where we will be going on that one...

And I have a new egg customer to add to my list. If I can sell as many eggs as possible now, then it will offset the cost of feeding them through the winter and when they are a bit older and not laying so many.

The new hens are getting really friendly and they are quite happy to be picked up. It is really nice to be welcomed by them. They behave with such good manners compared to the bantams.

We have spotted a really nice farmhouse with one acre near Llandrindod Wells. It is a cruck framed house, about 500 years old and thatched. Part of the stone barn has been converted into a holiday let with two bedrooms already so there is potential for income. The only trouble is that it costs £330K and I don't think we can go that high. It looks lovely. We would really prefer a little more land, though. That is the one downside that I can find - apart from the price.

Well, at least I can drool for a while.


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