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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Busy, busy

This has been such a busy month. My son has moved house and there was work to be done on the new house as nothing had been done for a long time - probably 30 years or so.  I also got to look after grandchildren a lot because it is much easier to pack up a house without them "helping". My husband seems to have spent every waking moment in the new house in the last month. Anyway, moving day was last weekend and the whole family turned out to help. We borrowed a (clean!) animal trailer from our farmer friend and moved all the furniture in that. And the smaller things went by car. This week we seem to have slept a lot...

We also had a short visit to Cambridge again as my husband had a meeting to go to. We have another coming up this month and another in November too. It is a lovely place and I enjoy pottering there.

252 items gone



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